Meet the growing network of partners and individual supporters of the NCPA:

Partners (read more about our Partners below) 
NIDMS National Institute of dance, medicine and science, London
IADMS International Association for Dance Medicine & Science
Dutch Society for Dance Research
ArtEZ School of Music – Music and Health
Codarts Rotterdam, Professorship Performing Arts Medicine
Partnership Orthopedics Medical Hospital Rijnstate, Arnhem (NL)
NVDMG Dutch Society for Dance and Music Medicine
Production house De Nieuwe Oost

Individual supporters

Antje Orgassa
Research University for Applied Sciences Arnhem en Nijmegen: link

Job Strengers
Strengers & Dubbers Fysiotherapeuten Nijmegen (hand- en polstherapie)
+31 (0)24 3774734

Geert Koster, MD, MSc Occupational Health
Quintus Five b.v. / Quintus Five Vitaal b.v. (NL)
+31 (0)6 41552936

R. van Cingel, PT, PhD and J.B. Staal, PT, MSc, PhD
Musculoskeletal Research Centre, Nijmegen (NL)
+31 (0)24 3530419

Inge van Amerongen, PT, OMT
Sport Medisch Centrum Papendal
+31 (0)88 0881300

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NIDMS National Institute of dance, medicine and science, London (UK)
National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science’s mission is: “The development, implementation, and dissemination of scientific knowledge and evidence-based practice centred on the promotion and optimisation of health, well-being, and performance in dance”. The mission will be delivered via three programmes: Research, clinical practice and education. More information on

IADMS International Association for Dance Medicine & Science

IADMS was formed to foster several related goals in the dance medicine and science field; the purposes and objectives of the organization are summarized in its Mission Statement: IADMS enhances the health, well-being, training, and performance of dancers by cultivating educational, medical, and scientific excellence. IADMS has always striven to promote an international network of communication between dance and medicine. To this end, membership and conference participation is recruited internationally from both fields, and a balance of medical and dance professionals is maintained among the officers and Board of Directors. More information on

Dutch Society for Dance Research
The Dutch Society for Dance Research (VDO: Vereniging voor Dans Onderzoek) was established in 1990 to stimulate Dutch research, pure as well as applied, in the field of dance. It was an initiative of several individuals (dance lovers and researchers) who wanted to create a forum for dance research in The Netherlands. The Society has a broad definition of dance research. It is not linked to any specific academic discipline and includes historical and sociological research as well as research done in theatre studies, movement sciences,  and cultural studies that has ‘dance’ as its main subject. Both academic and applied research projects are of interest to the VDO. More information on 

ArtEZ School of Music – Music & Health
ArtEZ School of Music is one of the largest schools of music in the Netherlands, with more than 900 students and 250 lecturers across the three locations in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle. ArtEZ has responded to developments in the field in a way that few other schools of music have. This is reflected in the offer of new study programmes such as MediaMusic, Music Therapy, Music Theatre and the Academy of Pop Music. Also the more traditional programmes such as Classical Music, Jazz & Pop and Music in Education anticipate changes by implementing innovations in their curriculum. This has resulted in a broad choice of programmes for students, innovative guest lecturers, multidisciplinary projects and a wide range of genres and styles. The Music & Health Education program consists of a variety of educational activities on health topics concerning Body, Mind and Communication. Goal is to achieve awareness and basic health skills for students and their teachers. The office Health & Music organizes  introduction days, workshops, assessments and other health activities. There is a electronic learning environment with information and a data bank with addresses of the external health network. More information on

Partnership Orthopedics Medical Hospital Rijnstate, Arnhem (NL)
The aims of the partnership orthopedics and surgery is to offer high quality, patient orientated and efficient care within modern scientific standards. Patient care and science go naturally together. One of the main specialties is the field of (elite) sports orthopedics. The team works closely with health specialists in dance education. More information on

Codarts Rotterdam, Professorship Performing Arts Medicine (NL) 
Performing artists go to extremes to achieve the maximum. Physically, dancers, musicians, and circus artists are tested by the many hours of training. On top of this, the mental pressure is high. They need to perform on the highest level on a daily basis under the watchful eye of a critical audience. Therefore, dropout as a result of injuries and mental injuries is an ever-present risk. On 1 September 2014, Codarts created the Performing Arts Medicine professorship and appointed Janine Stubbe, PhD as professor Performing Arts Medicine. She conducts applied research on the physical and mental load on dancers, musicians, and circus artists.

NVDMG Dutch Society for Dance and Music Medicine (NL)
Dance and Music Medicine focusses on prevention, diagnostics and treatment of injuries, somatic or psychological, that emerge in dance and music, and on scientific research of those injuries and of healthy functions. Dance and Music Medicine is an applied approach. (vocalists are also musicians). Motto: Customized medicine for performing artists. 

Production house De Nieuwe Oost (NL)
De Nieuwe Oost is an out of the box production house in the East of the Netherlands, originated from the three production houses Generale Oost, Wintertuin and Oost-Nederland. They support theatre makers, choreographers, writers and musicians. Whether it be art or culture, with or without capital letters,what they care about is that it affects others and that it affects you. That is why they support artists who dream big and want their dreams to come true. Th
ey offer artists a place to experiment and a platform where they can meet each other. De Nieuwe Oost coaches them in their development of an independent professional practice. The starting point is not the separate disciplines, but the ambition to create and the urge to renew. 

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