Dance (Para)Medic Symposium

Exploring interdisciplinary connections between research, education & application.

NCPA and Rijnstate Hospital organize a Dance (Para)Medic Symposium, together with the NCPA-network. The recent developed knowledge in the cross disciplinary cooperation between (specialistic) care, research and education for dancers will be highlighted.

Please note that the symposium will be held in Dutch.
Limited tickets available. Pre-registration is possible: please send an e-mail to

Robert van Cingel, director, Sport Medisch Centrum Papendal

Derrick D. Brown, programme manager & lecturer, Bern Institute of Sport Science/Dance Science; associate researcher & lecturer, ArtEZ; senior researcher, NCPA

Gaby Allard, director Academy of Theatre & Dance, ArtEZ
Arjan Kokshoorn, sports doctor, Jeroen Bosch Hospital
Brendon Koolen, sports psychologist, VSPN
Anandi van Loon, rehabilitation doctor
Corné van Loon, orthopedic surgeon, Rijnstate Hospital
Jeanine Stubbe, movement scientist & lecturer Performing Arts Medicine, Codarts
Marsha Tijssen, movement scientist & physiotherapist, Sport Medisch Centrum Papendal
Marc Wagener, orthopedic surgeon, Rijnstate Hospital

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